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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Starbucks lemon loaf

I found a Starbucks lemon loaf recipe on Pinterest and it turned out amazing! This has made a good lazy Sunday/lifetime movie day snack :) 
Getting ready for the oven....
Bake for 50 minutes at 350 degrees... Makes two loaves
Voila! Icing is powdered sugar and lemon juice! 

The many hairstyles of Brianna

We've all seen the hairstyles on Pinterest and of course, they look amazing! I tried one on myself.... Not amazing. So I've decided to try them out using Brianna's hair :) she's loving the different hairstyles so far! 
Barbie style! 
My attempt at a bow

Wedding time

Adrianne and I have been waiting to share a special day with my old co-worker (well still Adrianne's coworker :)). Joel and joe were married yesterday evening and arrived at the Anthony's event center by boat. We welcomed them with sparklers and enjoyed dinner, wine and cake with close friends and family. Congratulations Joel and Joe! 
Adrianne and I. We make the perfect date couple :)
Toasting to Joel and Joe! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Playing around

Friday morning playing around at breakfast! Kisses on the cheeks 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Catholic charities festival of flowers Garden Gala

This weekend was Yakima'a catholic family and child service garden gala. I love attending this event every year. It's so fun! Adrianne and I were each others dates this year and we had an amazing time. It was a nice ride up and a great evening. This event benefits the programs of CFCs will special focus this year on their early learning programs. 

Brownies and diet coke

A lady I work with mentioned that she saw a brownies with diet coke recipe on Pinterest. This sparked my interest and I just made them... They taste good! I'm bringing them to work tomorrow so everyone can taste test them. Seems too good to be true that I made brownies with only two ingredients! 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Our Friday morning breakfasts

Brianna has the responsibility of making us breakfast on Friday mornings. I let her have free reign of the kitchen and she just asks me for help when she needs it... Toaster, stove, reaching items that are too high. Two weeks ago breakfast was toast with jelly and ritz crackers :) today was waffles, "papa Murphy syrup", sausage and apples. She's getting good and really looks forward to cooking and then us sitting down and enjoying together. 

Date night

Brianna and I are loving this nice warm weather! Tonight was our date night! We started our night with outside dining at red robin... No one was seated next to us so we were a little silly playing and coming up with different stories! Next stop... The park! We found a park with brand new equipment and played until we were ready for our next stop... Froyo! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer is finally here!

Brianna and I had a wonderful weekend with our first real summer time! We had a great Friday evening together with a lia Sophia party. 
Girl talk at breakfast :) Brianna is the ultimate girl on a breakfast date! 

Saturday was filled with lots of relaxing and we also had some fun at the get air indoor trampoline park, followed by more movies and relaxing. Sunday was Brianna's 2nd successful badger mountain hike! My friend and Brianna's auntie came along with us and had a wonderful time! 
At the top! She's showing us her muscles! Way to go princess!

Gracie's birthday June 2, 2013

Gracie celebrated her first birthday on Sunday June 2, 2013! Brianna and I went over to celebrate with her... According to Brianna, it's not a party unless there is cake! :)

 happy birthday to Gracie! 
Give me the cake dad! 
Loved her cupcake 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Team Couch to 5k

My work is currently involved with a wellness program that goes through mid June.  We have been completing a program called "couch to 5k" and it has been very popular and exciting internally and externally!  Everyone is encouraged to join our team "Team Couch to 5k" Join our Team.  $25 and includes a t-shirt.  It is tax deductable and is supporting a wonderful cause

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rotisserie chicken in the crockpot

Another successful pinterest recipe.... I did not go off an actual recipe but after reading a few other recipes I came up with my own.  I had purchased 1/2 chicken breasts from costco and so I defrosted 2 of them, rubbed them with salt, pepper, and italian seasoning.  Sprayed the inside of the crockpot with olive oil cooking spray, added 1 clove of garlic and chopped half an onion.  I cooked on high for about 5 hours and voila! success! Brianna and I had a nice picnic dinner outside last night.  Gorgeous weather and yummy food!

and the graduating class of 2013 is....

Brianna and I both graduated this year! 2013 is a year that we'll remember forever :) We have been extremely blessed this past year and continue to be blessed everyday.  

On May 11, 2013 I graduated from Heritage University with my Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.  This was an important day for me and those closest to me were able to come and share the day with me.  I appreciate my parents and close friend Chelsie who have helped me out over the past 2 years.  Brianna has been an amazing trooper since I attended classes in the evenings; there were many late nights for her.  She was able to attend "college with mommy" on some evenings and other evenings she hung out with Grandma and Grandpa.  I was talking to her the other night and she said her favorite part about going to grandma and grandpa's house is watching grandpa chase Gracie and coloring with Grandma.  They have created memories that will last a lifetime.   We had an amazing weekend and gorgeous weather! Brianna was mostly excited because I let her know after graduation, it's all about her... She was enrolled in swimming lessons the following week and next is dance or gymnastics :)

On May 30, 2013 Brianna graduated from St. Joseph's montessori preschool (class of 2013!!).  This was such an amazing and precious event!  I only cried once, at the very end! 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

cooking life

Pinterest has made me become quite the domestic cooker!  In my spare time I have been enjoying making different recipes.  My co workers, parents, friends, and Brianna have become my little guinea pigs :) :) They are so nice to try everything I bring to them!
orange cookies for grandpa

nelly's birthday cupcakes

pasta with veggies :)


pad thai

strawberry oatmeal bars


ham and beans in the crockpot

mashed potatoes

cinnamon rolls

browines with salted caramel and pretzels

first post to our new blog.... written by Brianna and Jessica

"I singed songs...and I ate cake and cookies... and I left.. and taked pictures... the end"

That sums up Brianna's preschool graduation.  This week was a proud mommy week for me!  Brianna graduated from preschool and her first day of kindergarten will be August 26, 2013.  They sang songs and received their diplomas from their teachers, we enjoyed cake and hung around taking pictures!  Grandpa even came to enjoy the day with Brianna.  Enjoy the pictures!